My goal is to combine my skills as a marketer and experience as a racing driver, to network and create a digital marketing consulting service, focusing on smaller, local businesses, offering them the opportunity to promote their product or service in a effective professional way through modern digital marketing tactics, with focus on social media and content. All clients can further separate themselves from competition through unique motorsports advertising and sponsor opportunities as I build my driving brand and career. 

I am a young Canadian entrepreneur and racing driver from Bowmanville Ontario, currently in my fourth year at St. Francis Xavier University, majoring in marketing with a minor in sport management.

I have always had an interest in the creative aspects of business and advertising, particularly pertaining to the sports and automotive world. This along with my skills for editing and shooting videos/photos lead me to marketing. I am as third generation race car driver and have had a passion for motorsports all my life, currently competing in the Canadian Formula 1600 series with international sports car aspirations.

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