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I am a young Canadian entrepreneur and racing driver from Bowmanville Ontario, currently in my fourth year at St. Francis Xavier University, majoring in marketing with a minor in sport management. 

I have always had an interest in the creative aspect of business through advertising - particularly pertaining to the sports and luxury automotive world. I am third generation racing driver with a deep rooted passion for motorsports and vast experience in the collector car industry. These factors along with my videography and photography background led me to marketing and creating this agency in 2019. What started as a locally focused promotional-video summer business, has developed into a means of accomplishing my career goals.

My mission is to combine my talents as a modern marketer, passion for motorsports and luxury vehicles, along with the networks i've continuously built through lifelong experience in these industries. With these assets combined, I am developing a targeted digital marketing agency - operating through the various ranks of professional motorsports and niche areas within the collector car industry. These are historically exclusive 'club' like environments, limiting their outreach too 'valuable', wealthy demographics only. Using the power of engaging content, tailored partnerships and building an online presence. I plan to reduce this exclusivity and share my passions with those unaware they exist. 

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